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Pieces of Me

Ramblings of a 14-year-old

Here is some poetry written by my sister during my first year in college. Enjoy!


In the darkness of the night
Not a candle flame in sight
The west wind that blows cold
Not a bit of warmth bestowed
Silence reaches my two ears
No other sound could I hear
Down hard fall the drops of rain
Filled with sadness and with pain
Only this I have to share
Turn to do so...no one's there!

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Stumble Road

I stumbled on the road
From within me blood flowed
I have stumbled before
A thousand times and more
The road I tread is long
Yet, I know, I have to move on

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Lost Blue

Once the sky was of serene hue
Once the sky was colored blue
Now the sky is colored white
Weeping raindrops of its plight
At night the sky's as black as coal
The color of a tortured soul
But once the sky was of serene hue
Once the sky was colored blue

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Whether day or whether night
Clouds would come and fill the sky
In whatever kind of form
If light drizzle or fierce storm
They do what has to be done
They then move on and are gone

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Close of Day

The world is still and peaceful
as the day comes to an end
nature's creatures stand and watch
as the sun fades down the bend
And inside each of their hearts,
sadness and happiness blend
Knowing the day has gone away
and the day will come again