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I've known JP since I started high school. Almost ten years now, in fact. In the years I've known her, I've seen that she has a variety of creative and artistic talents. Among her favorite are dance, theater...and photography.

She discovered her love for photography only recently and is now taking a class in the field. As part of her finals, JP was required to participate in a photo exhibit/contest, wherein five of her photographs won awards.

Photography is more than a hobby for her. It's a passion, the way she captures and celebrates life. JP hopes to have a career in fashion photography in the near future.

JP finds her best work in her candid shots. Being a dancer, she finds beauty in the flow of movement. Many of her pictures reflect this.

Enjoy browsing around the site. However, please don't take any of the photographs without permission. Be sure to sign the Guestbook below when you're done!

JP's favorite shot

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