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I don't have many, but I'm proud of the autographs I have.

I was surfing the web for information on Mary Jo Putney's books when I came across her website, which had an email link. I wrote her to tell her how much I enjoyed reading her books. She replied and we corresponded for a while. Finally, I asked her for an autographed picture and she said no problem -- she'd mail it to me as soon as I emailed her my address.

Dean Koontz

I spent the summer of 1999 in California. I wrote to Dean Koontz, asking him if I could have my picture taken with him, since I knew he didn't live very far away. I received his response six months later, by which time, of course, I was already back in the Philippines. He said that because I wasn't able to have my picture taken with him, he was sending me his autographed picture to make up for it.

Jose Mari Chan's autograph

Lisa Chan's autograph

Jose Mari Chan had a concert at the West Visayas State University Cultural Center. My classmates and I were assigned to help with ushering and production. After the concert, Ferdie took me backstage and introduced me to Jose Mari Chan and his daughter Lisa, both of whom signed autographs for me on the only piece of paper I had, which was an old exam permit.

Parokya ni Edgar autographs

Parokya ni Edgar was touring the Philippines, trying to gather enough votes to win an MTV contest. The band stopped by at Central Philippine University. I announced their presence over the air from our radio station (though now I'm not sure I was supposed to do it) and then went to stand in line for an autograph. The manager gave me postcard and allowed me to move to the front of the line. Everything went by pretty quickly.
I'm not a big Parokya ni Edgar fan, though I've heard their music. I like some of their songs. They're all right.