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Emily of New Moon

Emily of New Moon cover; 1983 edition

After the death of her father, Emily moves to New Moon farm in Blair Water, P.E.I. to live with Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura, and Cousin Jimmy. Emily must learn to cope with her grief as well as adjusting to a new home, Aunt Elizabeth's strict rules, the trials of being the "new girl" in school, and the heartache of a betrayed friendship. However, she finds new friends in Ilse Burnley and Teddy Kent and an outlet for her emotions in her writing.
Emily receives a fright when her neighbor Lofty John tells her that she has eaten an apple that has been poisoned for rats. She soon finds out that Lofty John was only playing a practical joke, and refuses to speak to him again. But when he threatens to cut down the bush that adds beauty to the Murray garden, Emily must reconcile with him.
Emily is invited to visit Great-Aunt Nancy Priest where she discovers something about Ilse's mother. Afterwards, Emily goes out alone and nearly falls from a cliff. She is saved by her cousin Dean "Jarback" Priest. After Emily has returned to New Moon, Aunt Elizabeth discovers the letters she has written to her father. They have a huge fight, then learn to forgive each other.
Emily is then struck by a severe case of measles. In her delirium, she states what really must have happened to Ilse's mother and the truth is found out.

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Emily Climbs

Emily Climbs cover; 1983 edition

"Emily Climbs" contains a lot of Emily's journal entries. The first really significant event (in my opinion) is when Emily gets locked in the church. She is terrified and calls for Teddy. Even though he lives a mile away, somehow he hears Emily and rushes to her aid. They are about to share a romantic moment but they are interrupted by the arrival of Teddy's mother.
Aunt Elizabeth decides to allow Emily to study at Shrewsbury for three years, on the condition that Emily does not write fiction during that time. To Emily's dismay, she must live with Aunt Ruth in Shrewsbury as well.
A prank is played on Emily and Aunt Ruth blames Ilse for it. Emily harbors doubts about Ilse too. Then Emily publishes her first poem, rushes to share the news with Ilse and realizes the truth.
When Aunt Ruth forbids Emily to participate in a play, Emily runs home to New Moon to pour out her emotions to Cousin Jimmy. Emily returns to Shrewsbury and refuses to let Aunt Ruth daunt her.
To raise money, Ilse and Emily go around the town canvassing subscriptions for the Shrewsbury Times. Emily's psychic abilities help find and save the life of a little boy who had been lost.
Aunt Ruth is shocked when she finds what she believes is an immoral act between Perry and Emily. Fortunately, it is all straightened out at New Moon.
After a recital, Emily, Teddy, Ilse, and Perry are forced to take shelter from a storm -- overnight in an empty house. The town is scandalized. Surprisingly, Aunt Ruth comes to Emily's defense in the matter.
Emily is offered a job in New York, but her love for New Moon wins her over.

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Emily's Quest

Emily's Quest cover; 1983 edition

Teddy and Ilse leave Emily to pursue further study in their chosen fields. Emily stays at New Moon, enjoying steadily growing success as a writer. It is her greatest wish to publish her own novel.
Her first attempt at a novel was thrice rejected by publishers. Emily asks Dean Priest for his honest opinion of her book. Dean, jealous of the attention Emily gives to her writing, ridicules her efforts. Heartbroken, Emily burns her manuscript and a life-threatening accident follows.
During Emily's recuperation, Dean doesn't leave her side. In gratitude, she finally accepts his marriage proposal. Wedding plans are underway when something happens to make Emily realize she can't go through with it. Dean finally confesses that he lied about her manuscipt and that it was actually quite good.
Will Emily find true love? Will she finally capture her rainbow? Will she reach the top of the Alpine Path? Read the book and find out.