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Pieces of Me
Links to Literature

Below I have placed covers of books written by some of my favorite authors. To go the websites of the authors or books, simply click on the covers. I have also placed some related links below the book covers.

At the bottom is a link to The Prince Chronicles. It's not a book cover because it's not in paper form -- it's an online fan fiction site.

I'll add more when I can -- after all, I've read a LOT of books! The hard part is deciding which books and authors to feature. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the ones already here.

I will not place a book here that I haven't already read myself. I highly recommend everything here.

Mary Jo Putney

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

LaVyrle Spencer

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende / link to AranMax's site "The Final Chapter"

TNES page logo

Robert Fulghum

Nora Roberts aka J.D. Robb

Jean Auel

Christy by Catherine Marshall

Harry Potter

The Prince Chronicles by Starrside

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