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Pieces of Me
Friends Page 2

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Ferdie and me

Lala and Baby Rico at SM City.

JP obviously loves her birthday gift.


JP's birthday

JP and Julius clown around during our indoor picnic.


Letlet, MyJo and Jason have fun as they meet in New York during the summer.

letlet and myjo

MyJo, Letlet, Jason

MyJo, Letlet, Jason

This the first picture Thirdy has ever given me. Do I see many more in the future?


My sis sent me her pictures through the mail. Doesn't she look awesome? Isn't she a hottie? Now...all you available cute rich guys out there...she's waiting....

my sis

my Pigzy

Julius and JP


Me and Ferdie

Don't drop me, Ferdie!

My friends seeing me off at the PAL airport.

JP, Heiress, and Liza seeing me off at the airport

Our little picnic get-together -- a time to eat, talk and go crazy!


making a pig of myself


Is that a new dance, liza?


Here are Kara, Fe, Riza, and Mia. I asked to borrow these pics for a special project of mine, but I couldn't resist scanning them and posting them here.

Again, a borrowed pic I couldn't resist scanning. These are Dazzel, Grace, and Wilma.

CPU Educational Media Center

Just a few of us who work for the CPU Alumni Channel. Ferdie, Janice, Jomari, Nestor, me, Suzette, Sir Ed, Donald, and Mavel.


I was lucky I got to chat with MyJo on AOL. She sent me her picture and gave me permission to post it. Doesn't she look fabulous?

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Click to view larger size


4th year Mass Comm

There was a dedication service at the University Church for all the graduate hopefuls. Since we were all dressed up, we took advantage of the opportunity to have our pictures taken at the studio. It's only too bad that not the whole class was able to make it. But half isn't shabby!
The girls standing are Glorene, Janice, Tsingki, Suzette, Feyt, Jiji, and Mavel.