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Pieces of Me
Annest of Annes

Anne and Gilbert Blythe

***I recently purchased the "Anne of Avonlea" video. I enjoyed it very much. In fact, I think I like it better than its prequel. Still, "Anne of Avonlea" deviated a great deal from the books. And I saw many similarities to "The Sound of Music" and "Little Women."***

Megan Follows as Anne Shirley

I was a fan of Anne Shirley as soon as I read "Anne of Green Gables" by L.M. Montgomery. She simply won my heart.
Anne Shirley was an impetuous, imaginative, and redheaded orphan who was taken in by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. She made a home for herself in Avonlea. She got herself into a lot of predicaments. They include: accidentally dyeing her hair green, breaking her ankle when she tried to walk the ridgepole of the roof after being dared to do so, and unintentionally getting her best friend drunk.

My mom bought my sister the "Anne of Green Gables" book several years ago. I can't even remember when that was anymore. Anyway, I'm the one who ended up reading it and then becoming a big Anne fan.
I convinced my mom to get me the whole Anne series 1-8, but some got lost when I moved from California to the Philippines. I have almost re-completed my collection. I was fortunate to come across three of the books I needed in a secondhand bookshop. All I'm missing now is "Rainbow Valley."

Megan Follows as Anne Shirley and Richard Farnsworth as Matthew Cuthbert

By the way, I was rather gratified when "Anne of Green Gables" was mentioned in the movie "You've Got Mail." You know when Meg Ryan had to close her book store and on the last day, a lady was reminiscing how Meg Ryan's mother sold her a copy and to "read it with a box of tissues." I kept thinking, "Yes, exactly!"
The best thing about Anne, however, is that she warms the heart with her zest for life. She finds joy in the simplest of things. She grows up into a mature and insightful woman.

I hope Anne continues to spark the imaginations of young girls everywhere. She is truly a delightful heroine.

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