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Pieces of Me


Erda and Sharif


These two pictures were taken while I was studying in Manila. I wish I could have stayed but...oh, well...at least I still have my friends.
The first picture was taken with us sitting on the stairs of our boarding house.
And the next one was taken during our history class field trip. One of the places we visited was a Sikh temple and we were required to cover our heads with a bandanna or something.


sikh temple




Above are pictures taken during the Molo fiesta. My godson Khayle Brien is featured in a majority of the pictures -- coz he's so cute!

ferdie and me

Ferdie and I were trying to use up the film in the camera. The pictures we had taken were to be used for our TV production class. (By the way, please be nice and simply pretend you don't notice how fat I look.)



Photos of me and Brein.


brein and me

Me with my sister and cousins.

Brein and Khayle

Ferdie with his Manila friends